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Legislation (SB 176/Act No. 716) was passed in 2000 that requires the filing of case initiation and case disposition forms for each civil case filed in superior or state court. Under the new law, anyone filing a civil case with the clerk of superior or state court must complete a Civil Case Filing Form. By law, the clerk must send the data/forms to the Authority. The Authority then indexes the information for inclusion into the statewide database that is then sent to the Georgia Court Automation Commission for analysis.

At the request of the State Bar of Georgia, this information is being gathered for the purpose of studying the number of tort cases filed, the number of overall civil cases filed, the size and scope of the verdicts and other relevant information. This civil justice database will enable Georgia lawmakers to more effectively set public policy regarding judicial reform and allocation of resources to the state's judicial circuits.

Data Transmit Standards

The Data Transmission Standards document, linked below, is provided to assist local vendors and county-run systems administrators in producing a data extract from their existing case management systems and to prepare an "export" file to be sent electronically to the central collection database in Atlanta. These standards ensure compliance with Senate Bill 176. Vendors familiar with the Statewide Real Estate Index may recognize certain concepts and formats in the transmit file specification which are similar to those used in the Real Estate Index.

Questions concerning the transmit file specification should be addressed to Phil Kobierowski at 404-894-2552, or via e-mail at: phil@edi.gatech.edu.

The Data Transmission Standards Files are available on our SB 176 Files and Forms Section.


To view the Civil Case Initiation and Disposition forms, please visit the Civil Reporting Forms page available here.



Senate Bill 176 (Act No. 716) requires the filing of case initiation and disposition forms for each civil case filed in Superior or State Court. This bill amends Titles 9 and 15 of the Official Code of Georgia relating to civil practice and the courts. The Act provides for a system of gathering, processing, transmission, compilation, and analysis of information relating to civil cases.


Link to the Full Text of SB 176





2/17/1999 Read 1st time 3/4/1999
3/1/1999 Favorably Reported 1/13/2000
Sub Committee Amend/Sub Sub
3/2/1999 Read 2nd Time 3/8/1999
3/3/1999 Read 3rd Time 1/24/2000
1/3/1999 Passed/Adopted 1/24/2000
CS Comm/Floor Amend/Sub CS/FA
2/4/2000 Amend/Sub Agreed To
3/27/2000 Sent To Governor
4/27/2000 Signed by Governor
716 Act/Veto Number
7/1/2000 Effective Date

Code Sections amended: 9-11-3, 9-11-58, 9-11-133, 15-5-24, 15-5-82, 15-6-61, 15-6-97.1, 15-7-50