The Filing Activity Notification System (FANS) was designed to provide citizens a tool to combat deed fraud. The user will be notified if there is a name and/or address match between a filing and the name and/or address registered by the user.

Request and receive digital, certified copies of documents offered by Clerks of Superior Court offices. Digital documents are tamper-proof and self-validating.

Electronically file documents, such as real estate deeds, liens and UCCs with Clerks of Superior Court.

Submit an application to obtain an eFile Participant ID. A Participant ID is required to electronically file real estate deeds.

The Clerks’ Authority’s online educational platform offers training on a variety of topics, including a notary public course and exam.

CourtTRAX is a resource which includes fines and fees collection data from every court in Georgia. Daily reports, legal advice, and an online calculator are also available.