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GSCCCA Deed, Lien, and Plat Documents for the State of Georgia

The documents listed here are authored and distributed by the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) for the recording, indexing, and filing of Real and Personal Property (Deed, Lien, and Plat) instruments for the State of Georgia; and related transmission of data from Clerks of Superior Court to the GSCCCA. For help, E-mail GSCCCA Customer Support at


Indexing Standards
The following Standards are USEFUL TO CLERKS of Superior Court and those that perform indexing.
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Indexing Standards - Previous Versions


Local System Guidelines
The following Guidelines describe computer systems. They are most USEFUL TO VENDORS AND PROGRAMMERS of in-house Deed/Lien/Plat indexing software. They describe what local/county indexing systems must do.
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Extra Documents
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