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Information for Clerks

The Authority designed its GA courts online with real estate, lien, civil case and child support eFile programs such that they seamlessly integrate with the information management systems already used in your office every day. For instance, when participating in GSCCCA eFiling of Real Estate documents, your existing Land Records system is used to process the filings in a way that you are already familiar with. The Authority provides interested vendors with specifications and code samples for integration. Because these eFile programs are integrated with a vendor-based system of the Clerk’s choosing, the Clerk’s office will work in conjunction with the vendor to receive training for processing real estate, lien, civil case and child support eFilings. Several of the national eRecording submitters have already been certified to use the GSCCCA eFiling system and are READY to file in your county today!

The Authority developed the UCC eFile program to integrate with our eFile site, http://efile.gsccca.org, and to enable Superior GA Court Clerks to review online and accept or reject electronically filed UCCs. Upon acceptance or rejection of an electronically filed UCC, a filer’s account is updated and, if accepted, the UCC is automatically transmitted to the Authority for indexing. Because UCCs are perfected statewide when filed in any one of the 159 counties in Georgia, filers now have the option of filing UCCs electronically or via paper. Vendor programs used to participate in eFiling may require an upgrade or may have an additional fee or fees affiliated with them. Contact the vendor to determine if there are additional costs and/or software required.


  1. Contact Rachel Rice at rachel.rice@gsccca.org or 404-327-7322.
  2. Check the Participating Vendors list for authorized vendors. Only vendors who have demonstrated the ability to integrate with the GSCCCA portal may participate in real estate, lien, civil case and child support eFiling.
    1. If your vendor is listed as participating, contact them to obtain any software upgrade, pricing information and training needed to begin accepting eFile documents.
    2. If your vendor is not listed as participating, contact them to determine if they are planning on integrating with the GSCCCA portal,or contact a participating vendor to inquire about their eFile integration program. Steps for vendor participation are available on the Vendor Integration page.
  3. Prior to activation, you will need to establish a merchant account which will accept ACH transfers. If you have an account which will accept ACH transfers, a new account is not needed.
  4. Provide the Authority with all applicable account information for ACH transfers.
  5. Schedule an activation date.


  1. Contact Rachel Rice at rachel.rice@gsccca.org or 404-327-7322 to schedule a training date and time.
  2. Complete the scheduled training
  3. Register all employees who will be reviewing eFile UCCs
  4. E-mail all registered employees first and last names and user names to rachel.rice@gsccca.org
  5. Schedule an activation date
  6. Begin monitoring http://efile.gsccca.org daily

All UCCs, whether eFiled or paper-filed, must meet the standard requirements and not contain any codified reason to reject.