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Real Estate Forms Online and eFiling

Real estate eFiling facilitates the electronic filing of real estate forms online and documents via the Authority eFile portal. The Authority can accept real estate documents for filing on behalf of participating counties using two different methods:

METHOD 1: Interested filers can contact one of the value added submitters listed below, who have demonstrated the ability to submit real estate forms online and documents through the Authority portal. Payment for filings will be handled through an agreement with the selected value added submitter.

Approved Value Added Submitters:

CSC, Corporation Service Company
eDocs Solutions
eRecording Partners 
Indecomm Global Services 
Synrgo, Inc.
(please note, if you are a value added submitter and would like to be included on this page, please contact help@gsccca.org).

METHOD 2: Approved filers may also submit documents directly through the Authority eFile portal using a web-based application.  All payments for filings submitted directly through the Authority eFile portal must be paid by credit card, bank account ACH transfer or escrow account. Please note: A 3.5% transaction fee is applied to credit card payments and a $1.00 transaction fee is applied to bank account ACH transfers to cover costs.