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UCC Filing Online and eFiling

UCC filing online and eFiling facilitates the electronic filing of UCC documents via the Authority eFile portal. As with paper-based filings, electronically filed UCCs are perfected-statewide when filed in any of the 159 counties in Georgia. For a complete list of participating counties, click on the link under the Noteworthy section on http://efile.gsccca.org.

To eFile UCC filings online, filers must register at the Authority eFile portal. Once registered, filers may eFile with any participating Clerk’s office. A filer guide is available under the Support Tab at http://efile.gsccca.org which walks the filer through the registration process, filing a UCC online, submitting payment for the filing and other elements of the filing process. In addition, upon the filer’s request, the Authority will provide remote training. All payments for filings submitted directly through the Authority eFile portal must be paid by credit card, bank account ACH transfer or escrow account. Please note: A 3.5% transaction fee is applied to credit card payments and a $1.00 transaction fee is applied to bank account ACH transfers to cover costs.