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Premium Search The Premium Search package provides unlimited access to the GSCCCA website which includes basic search options PLUS additional searches and features. The cost to subscribe for a Premium account is $24.95 per calendar month, per user, for unlimited use. In addition, there is a charge of $0.50 for each page printed. This is the same cost for copying a page in the courthouse.

SIGN UP TODAY! To gain access to all of the new searches and features listed below, please go to Account Management to upgrade to or create a new Premium account. To upgrade click on Upgrade to a Premium Account located at the bottom of the Account Management home page. You can contact Customer Support at help@gsccca.org or 1-800-304-5174 if you have any questions.

* You must be the primary account holder to upgrade your subscription.

Premium Searches now available are:

  • PT-61 Address Search – Pinpoint the property you’re searching by simply entering the street address! This search will reveal all occurrences in the Authority database of the address entered. The system default is a stem search, which displays results that match any portion of the address. You may elect to conduct an exact search, where the system will display results that match exactly the address, by checking the Exact Search box.
  • PT-61 Daily Search – Enables you to browse PT-61s at your leisure for a specific day, week or month.
  • PT-61 Map Search – Enter an address and view sales information on a Google Map. Move around the map for a convenient way to view sales information like our site has never offered before.
  • Real Estate Instrument Type Search – Search the Georgia Consolidated Real Estate Indexes by county and instrument type.

Mobile Apps 

  • Map Search – Unlock the power of your iOS and Android devices to map the most up-to date and accurate Real Estate sales data in the state of Georgia.  The Clerks' Authority Map Search app is the ONLY mobile app that provides real time sales data based on the official source of property transfer tax data in Georgia.  Click here to watch our Map Search Mobile video.

    Available on the App StoreAvailable on Android

New displays
now provide you with quick access viewing of related documents such as deeds, liens and plats.

  • Sales View – All on one screen, this view allows you to easily identify sale prices of properties along with sale dates and buyer and seller information. You control the amount of information you wish to view with a simple click of a check box! Search results can be sorted by any column heading, with the default sort being county, then property address, then document number.
  • Dashboard View – An innovative way to view PT-61 and Real Estate data, the dashboard view searches across databases and compiles the results in a single screen! Quickly view cross-referenced deeds, liens, plats and other instruments along with their images.
    • Quick Views - When using the dashboard view, users can click on an instrument to view the indexed data.
  • Combined Index View – View all cross-referenced index data for an instrument plus be able to browse through PT-61 filings in any particular county. The combined index view is accessible from both Address and Daily search results. The combined index view page is highly flexible!
  • Combined Index Images View – Everyone wants to see the images, that’s why we have brought them together in a single screen! Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.

New Reporting Features allows you to create custom PDF reports of your particular search. We even offer you the ability to save your generated reports for later retrieval. By using all of the great filtering options our new searches provide you can tailor your report to only include the information you want it to. Reporting is great for:

  • Generating client reports.
  • Saving your search report when you don't have access to a printer.
  • Keeping track of changes over time.