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Sustainability of air and water quality is vital with an expanding world population.  Protecting and maintaining air quality can be supported by the planting and protection of green spaces, of which forests are a major element. These green spaces remove carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen.  The Georgia Carbon Registry is a program to promote the protection of forests, providing benefits for  those willing to sequester their timberland.

The Georgia Carbon Registry site, hosted by the GSCCCA, documents timberland sequestered in Georgia so that the amounts may be tracked and owners can take advantage of any financial incentives designed to encourage the forest sequestration.  The Registry is administered by the Georgia Forestry Commission.

This program did not exist prior to Georgia Senate Bill 356 in 2004, but now the program is administered through the website www.gacarbon.org which is also accessible via the GSCCCA website under Authority Projects, (see below).  Accessing this site allows a wide variety of actions from applying to the program and registering a site of timber, to tracking and reporting on the size and growth of the Registry.

There is no charge for accessing the Registry and interested users may search the Carbon Registry Index and learn more on our Carbon Registry Projects & Programs Page or directly at www.gacarbon.org.