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The Real Estate System is comprised of three primary components.  The Plat Index is one of these referring the user to plats and maps filed of record for all counties since at least January 1, 2004.    The Plat dockets also include Condominium Plats and Condominium Floorplans.  Of course each county maintains the official plat dockets.

Searches may be performed by name or by county book and page.    Searches may be made by county, region or statewide.  Date range, party type, plat instrument type and geographic filters are available for use.  Results provide the full index data including plat caption name, location of the property and the book and page where the actual plat or map is filed in the county.  Images of all plat pages are available to view and print.

The Plat Index provides Internet access 24 hours a day to these dockets and the documents for all counties in Georgia.  Before the creation of the Plat  Index System searchers had to be personally present in each county courthouse to examine the oversized dockets, books or microfilm using configurations that varied county to county.  There was little uniformity in the methods of maintaining and indexing these records making searching a time consuming effort.  Now all of this information is at your fingertips in standardized formats that make document location much simpler and more reliable!

Realtors, homeowners, attorneys, banks, title examiners and businesses can benefit from the Plat Index System making what otherwise would be tedious tasks simple and cost effective.  Find a copy of your subdivision plat, lot, surrounding lots, common areas, plat covenants or restrictions, right of way easements, condominium building and grounds architectural plans and much more.

A must have for all real estate professionals.  A handy tool for homeowners, associations and community leaders.

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