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Staff Directory

Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority
1875 Century Boulevard, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30345
Telephone: (404) 327-9058 -- Facsimile: (404) 327-7877


404.327.9058 (Local)
800.304.5175 (Toll Free)
404.327.7877 (Fax)

Name Title E-mail Address Extension
John Earle Executive Director John.Earle@gsccca.org Ext. 1400
Mike Smith Communications Director and
Compliance Officer
Mike.Smith@gsccca.org Ext. 1002
Jamie McCarron Director of Financial Operations Jamie.McCarron@gsccca.org Ext. 1402
Karen Crumbley Financial Manager Karen.Crumbley@gsccca.org Ext. 1004
Christy Ector Accounting Assistant Christy.Ector@gsccca.org Ext. 1105
Justine Brown Administrative Assistant Justine.Brown@gsccca.org Ext. 1000
Charles Lawrence Inventory Control Manager Charles.Lawrence@gsccca.org Ext. 1350
Will Dunn Quality Control and
Compliance Manager
Will.Dunn@gsccca.org Ext. 1013
Rob Young Quality Control and
Compliance Coordinator
Rob.Young@gsccca.org Ext. 1014
Rachel Rice Project Director Rachel.Rice@gsccca.org Ext. 1010


404.327.7320 (Local)
866.847.4058 (Toll Free) 
404.327.7325 (Local) 
866.847.4105 (Toll Free)

General Email: 

Name Title E-mail Address Extension
Rachel Rice Project Director Rachel.Rice@gsccca.org Ext. 1010
Brian Baker Fines and Fees Division Staff Brian.Baker@gsccca.org Ext. 1403


404.327.6023 (Local)
800.304.5174 (Toll Free)
404.327.7887 (Fax)
Apostilles are issued Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm EST

Name Title E-mail Address Extension
Peter Keesom Notary Dept. Manager Peter.Keesom@gsccca.org Ext. 1200
Cheywanda Harris Authentications Specialist Cheywanda.Harris@gsccca.org Ext. 1201
Lawana Pitts Authentications Specialist Lawana.Pitts@gsccca.org Ext. 1202


Note :  These UCC numbers are solely for use by Superior Court Clerks' office personnel. All questions from the general public should be referred to the Authority Staff at the numbers listed above.

404.327.8684 (Local)
800.304.5174 (Toll Free)
770.451.5869 (Fax)
404.327.6384 (Certified Search Fax)

Name Title E-mail Address Extension
Ilene Densley UCC Intake Manager Ilene.Densley@gsccca.org Ext. 1101
Dionne Atah UCC Intake Assistant Dionne.Atah@gsccca.org Ext. 1102
Keisha Robinson UCC Certified Search Keisha.Robinson@gsccca.org Ext. 1103


404.327.9760 (Local)
800.304.5174 (Toll Free)
404.325.1492 (Fax)
800.304.5173 (Toll Free Fax)
help@gsccca.org (E-mail)
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 6:00pm EST

Name Title E-mail Address Extension
Andy Wightwick IT Director
Andy.Wightwick@gsccca.org Ext. 1300
Richard McPhaul Development Manager Richard.McPhaul@gsccca.org Ext. 1309
Eric Bolton Operations Manager Eric.Bolton@gsccca.org Ext. 1330
Brandon Taff System Manager Brandon.Taff@gsccca.org Ext. 1331
Stuart Myers Network Manager Stuart.Myers@gsccca.org Ext. 1340
Mike Monti Network Engineer Mike.Monti@gsccca.org Ext. 1341
Nicole Whitfield Customer Support Manager Nicole.Whitfield@gsccca.org Ext. 1302
Scott Jones Senior Programmer Analyst Scott.Jones@gsccca.org Ext. 1311
Chas Williams Senior Programmer Analyst Chas.Williams@gsccca.org Ext. 1310
Matt Bommicino Senior Programmer Analyst Matt.Bommicino@gsccca.org Ext. 1315
Karl Scales Programmer Analyst Karl.Scales@gsccca.org Ext. 1312
Ashley Seals Database Administrator Ashley.Seals@gsccca.org Ext. 1332
Dream Gomez Senior Support Specialist Dream.Gomez@gsccca.org Ext. 1333
Nicolina Montoro Customer Support Rep. Nicolina.Montoro@gsccca.org Ext. 1304
Trevin Snow Customer Support Rep. Trevin.Snow@gsccca.org Ext. 1306
Andre Russell Customer Support Rep. Andre.Russell@gsccca.org Ext. 1308
Fred Carpenter Customer Support Rep. Fred.Carpenter@gsccca.org Ext. 1305
Michael Mickens Customer Support Rep. Michael.Mickens@gsccca.org Ext. 1307
Antonio "Tony" Ward Customer Support Rep. Tony.Ward@gsccca.org Ext. 1303