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Accomplishments & Year-end Report

The Māori — the indigenous people of New Zealand — have a centuries-old proverb: Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa takitini. Translated, it means:

Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many.

This ancient proverb speaks to a critical part of the DNA of the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority: the power of community and collaboration. It’s been said many times before but always bears repeating … the success of the Authority was only made possible by the willingness of 159 clerks of Superior Court to work together for the good of all clerks and the State of Georgia. The Authority was created by clerks for the benefit of clerks, and our symbiotic relationship is paramount to building on our progress to date and continuing to meet our goals in the future.

Despite the continuing challenges and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and a mixed bag of economic conditions, the Authority completed FY 2022 operationally intact and financially solid. The resilience of our results is a testament to the quality of our products and a continued commitment to streamlining operations and managing costs. Our productivity and success are not an accident, but rather the result of the outstanding and prudent leadership of our Board of Directors, the effort, skill and dedication of our professional staff, and the commitment of Georgia’s Superior Court clerks to remain united and collaborate for the good of all.

The Authority is constantly growing, changing, and evolving, but all priorities and momentum radiate from our primary role of supporting Superior Court clerks in the operation of their offices. Rather than yielding to the unprecedented challenges presented over the past several years, the Authority remained laser-focused on anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of Superior Court clerks and providing them with the tools to be successful. These recent challenges have only highlighted the importance of the 27-year partnership between the Authority and Superior Court clerks and the transformational successes we have achieved together.

As the Māori would say: our success is not the work of one, but the work of many. Simply put, our success has been and continues to be the result of the unity, collaboration and collective efforts of many. It’s truly a testament to what can be achieved when partners work together towards a shared goal. For over a quarter of a century, the Authority and clerks have successfully worked together to adapt, innovate, and transform the office of Superior Court clerk to meet the technological demands of the 21st century.

From the beginning and rooted to its core, innovation, collaboration and vision have defined the Authority. Although the culture remains the same, the GSCCCA is a very different organization today than the one that opened its doors in 1995. Since its inception, the Authority has not only fulfilled its original purpose of establishing a statewide system for the indexing of UCC documents, but has successfully developed and implemented, at no cost to the state, a variety of additional projects. Effective collaboration with other state agencies and numerous not-for-profit groups for the benefit of the State of Georgia and its citizens has become one of the hallmarks of the Authority’s success and why it is respected both locally and nationally for its progressive, innovative and effective approach to problem solving.

For nearly three decades, the Authority has been an innovator within the public records arena and has led the State of Georgia to the forefront of court technology. Using a mix of old-fashioned cooperation and state-of-the-art technology, the GSCCCA has taken abstract ideas — often thought impossible — to the concrete world of implementation, and, in so doing, has changed the way many do business and made life easier for those accessing real estate records, financing statements, criminal case data, and other legal documents.

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