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Vendor Integration

Vendors that wish to offer eFiling in conjunction with the Authority eFile portal must successfully demonstrate the ability to integrate with the Authority eFile system. Vendors who have done so will be added to the Participating Vendor List and Clerks who wish to use the Authority eFile portal will reference this list when making decisions about their eFiling implementations.

To become an authorized vendor, the following steps must be completed.

  1. Visit http://efile.gsccca.org/implementers.htm to download resources that can be used to design and plan your integration features.
  2. Contact customer support at help@gsccca.org or 1-800-304-5174 to schedule an integration testing date after your initial integration development is completed.
  3. The Authority maintains a list of required functions
    1. If all requirements are not satisfied, make any necessary changes then schedule another integration testing period.
    2. If all requirements are satisfied, the program will be approved.
  4. Upon approval, vendor information will be added to the Participating Vendors list.

Please note: Vendor authorization is required for each eFiling program.

Participating Vendor List

Certain implementations of eFiling through the GSCCCA portal require that the information systems used by the Superior Court Clerk and the GSCCCA portal can communicate with each other. The GSCCCA has published a specification that information system vendors can use to enable this communication. As vendors update their systems to integrate with the GSCCCA portal and demonstrate their ability to flawlessly participate, the GSCCCA recognizes these vendors as officially participating in the GSCCCA eFiling program.

The GSCCCA maintains a list of Participating Vendors for each of the eFiling programs that require it. If a vendor is listed, their software has been tested by the GSCCCA and has successfully demonstrated the ability to receive and process electronically filed documents through the GSCCCA portal.

Participating Vendors - Real Estate and Liens




ACS A Xerox Company 20/20 Perfect Vision  Steven Farr
Cott System Corp resolution3 MattBeck
Icon Software LCR - Land and Court Recording Courtney Dixon


Participating Vendors - Civil Case and Child Support




Icon Software Icon CMS Civil rel. 12  Courtney Dixon
Iron Data Case Management - 2.3 Lynn Griffies