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eFiling Information Vendor Integration

Vendors that wish to offer eFiling in conjunction with the Authority eFile portal must complete the GSCCCA eFile System Certification program. Vendor systems that have done so will be added to the Certified Vendors page found at https://www.gsccca.org/learn/certification-programs/certified-vendors. Clerks using the Authority eFile portal may reference this list when making decisions about their eFiling implementations.

The GSCCCA eFile System Certification program attests to the fact that the eFile systems which pass must meet specified requirements and functionality. Certified programs are subject to periodic review and re-certification.

Vendors interested in pursuing certification should visit https://efile.gsccca.org/Implementers.aspx to download resources that can be used to design and plan integration features. Inquiries regarding the GSCCCA eFile System Certification program should be emailed to efile.certification@gsccca.org.